February 15, 2013

Follow Friday: Introduction & AoGG Read-A-Long

If you've read my post about my bookish resolutions for this year, you know that I hope that, in 2013, I will be able to enter at least one read-a-long or readathon. On the other hand, I want to improve my connections with the reading community. I'm following ca. 60 bookish blogs via RSS feed (many of those also on Twitter) and I'm member of seven different book clubs on Goodreads. So, I hear about new read-a-longs or challenges almost every day and have got invitations to bookish events pretty frequently. But of course, I am not able to enter all of those, however much I'd like to. Also, sometimes I miss an event, which I would have loved to join, as for example the 2013 TBR Pile Challenge hosted by Adam over at Roof Beam Reader.
Robinson Crusoe and His Man Friday by John Charles Dollman
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For all the above reasons, I decided to launch a little feature, which I've named Follow Friday. As you may know, every Friday people tweet the names of Twitter users they'd like others to follow and tag it with #followfriday and/or #FF. My idea of this monthly feature originates with the aforementioned feature on Twitter.  Follow Friday should become a great way for bloggers to socialize and network their blogs, and to share upcoming events! I hope that it will help many bookworms not to miss any interesting event as well as my fellow bloggers to attract more participants or even more blog followers.

And, this is how it should work:
  • On the third Friday of every month I will share with you a bookish challenge, a read-a-long, or a readathon that I've found in the blogosphere and will start soon, and the entering of which I'd recommend to every kindred spirit.
  • Create your own Follow Friday post and recommend upcoming bookish events hosted by other bloggers that you find interesting. Even though I'm addicted to the classics, please feel free to recommend events from any genre that is dear to your heart! You may keep your FF post short or you may write a lengthy one; it's up to you. You can also praise the whole blog that hosts that particular event, if you like.
  • It would be nice, if you would use my official graphic and please link back to Anneish Imaginary Adventures so that other people wanting to participate know where to get the information to do so!
  • Once you have your Follow Friday posted, come back to Anneish Imaginary Adventures and add your link to the list.
  • Visit other participants' link to find out what events they recommend and please do share with them as well as with me, if they inspired you to enter an event!
  • Finally, have fun and read on!

So, to kick this feature off, I've chosen to recommend an upcoming event that is, for an obvious reason, particularly dear to my heart. I would like to recommend that you read Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery in April. This read-a-long is hosted by ebookclassics and there are no particular rules or regulations. You should simply sign up using the widget in her sign-up post and, of course, you should read Anne of Green Gables during April.

As ebookclassics explained in the post in that she announced this event, there has been a controversy over the cover of a new edition of Anne of Green Gables recently. If you have no idea what is wrong with the cover in question and why kindred spirits are appalled at it, you might need and want to fill a gap in your literary knowledge.

Of course, this event is highly recommended to kindred spirits too, who want to re-experience that fantastic feeling that one is feeling while reading this book. And, if you happen to be a boy, I recommend this event to you too, because I dare say it's a good opportunity to learn a lot about the female soul. By travelling into the world of Anne of Green Gables you might discover why real women doesn't want "sunbursts and marble halls"...

So, that's the event I recommend this Follow Friday to you. What events have you found recently in the blogosphere that you would like to share?

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