April 02, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Guys I Would Crush On If I Were A Heroine

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is about characters we'd crush on if we were fictional characters. Even though I've always wanted to be very clever and sensible in my love relationships, I must confess that for a very long time I used to closely resemble Marianne Dashwood in this regard.

I was not only hyper-romantic but also mega naive; hence, I trusted in many a man who were charming and loved by everybody but who turned out to be such a disappointment to me. Hence, I'm sure that even if I were a fictional character, I would have a crush on some bad boys. At the same time, I hope that, after one or more of those bad boys would have broken my heart, I would have the good fortune to meet at least one of the good guys, one who would really be worthy of my attention and feelings. :-D For all these reasons, it should come as no surprise that my Top Ten List today doesn't consist of positive characters only...