January 26, 2013

The Classics Club: Meme #6

This month, The Classics Club asked us what the best book was that we had read so far for The Classics Club and why.  As I confessed at the beginning of this year, I haven’t made much progress with my Classics Club list so far. To be more specific, I’ve only read one book until now—namely, George Sand’s Fadette. I also have been reading The History of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding since October 2012, but I’m not done reading it yet. Nevertheless, if you have been following me and have read my first review for the Classics Club, it will probably be rather obvious to you that, as regards these two classics, my heart is leaning toward Fadette.

La petite Fadette (2004)
As I explained in my review, I love Fadette because even though it’s a short and simply written sentimental novel with an uncomplicated plot, it puts across valuable ideas about how to live life, about true love and friendship, and genuine faith. In addition, this book reflects George Sand’s rather positive view of human nature, despite the fact that at the time of writing her novel, France had experienced the horrors of civil war. Correspondingly, this novel contains everything that a romantic heart would and could wish for: characters who are able and willing to improve themselves, love between two lovable humans, and a happy ending. Those are the main reasons why I rated this book with five cherries and why it is a particular favourite of mine.

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