September 16, 2012

In My Mailbox: Tom Jones

In less than two weeks, I'll take up the Classics Club Challenge. However, until then I have two books on my nightstand that I'd like to finish: The Man With Two Left Feet by P.G. Wodehouse and What Matters in Jane Austen? by John Mullan. I want to finish these books in order to be able to devote myself fully to the challenge and my perpetually growing list of classics to read.

The first book on my reading list for the challenge is The History of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding. I have read this novel once (can't remember when) in Hungarian and I borrowed the book then from a library. To be honest, I only have a dim recollection of the plot, but what I can clearly remember is that I had enjoyed Fielding's wit and writing style and that there is a happy ending to Tom Jones's funny life story.

As I rather like fictions with happy ending and humour, this novel came right into my mind, when I was compiling my list for the challenge. I wanted to reread it and in English at that. I have first considered to read the e-book version. (You can download an e-book version of Tom Jones from Project Gutenberg for free.) Yet, I am slightly old-fashioned in my reading habits; I seem not to be able to enjoy reading on an e-reader. So, I thought I could print the e-book, but didn't like that idea either. Hence, I went shopping... :-) And, I was only glad to learn that one of my favourite publishers (Everyman's Library) has recently published the book in hardcover format and it is not out of print. Today the book arrived and I am happy to share a photo with you.

Now, there's nothing to stop me from being successful at my undertaking. No doubt about it—being the owner of such a beautiful book will keep me motivated. :-) Bye for now!

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