July 16, 2020

Review: The Clocks

The Clocks The Clocks by Agatha Christie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of my favourite Christie's. First, I love Poirot's brilliance: he solves the case from his armchair (this also means, he stays in the background for the majority of the novel, but this was no issue for me). Second, I love spy stories, and this is one of those. Third, I love those Christie novels which also contain a romance. This one does and a love-at-first-sight kind, which is one of my favourites. Fourth, I like the reference to dogs in this book. As Poirot says, “it was not necessary to be the foxhound, the bloodhound, the tracking dog, running to and fro upon the scent. But I will admit that for the chase a dog is necessary. A retriever, my friend. A good retriever.” Finally, I really loved Hugh Fraser’s narration: he is not only the perfect choice as Poirot’s friend, Hastings, but also because he has a wonderfully smooth voice and can also imitate the voice of women pretty well.

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