August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday To You!

Today is my Birthday and, in order to mark this happy event, Google has surprised me by showing on computers where I'm logged in a custom doodle on their home page. Isn't it gorgeous and funny and super nice of Google? And by hovering over the picture it says: "Happy Birthday, Eszter!". It was really a nice surprise.

By the way, other people, who don't have their birthdays today, will see this doodle on Google's home page today:

In honour of the Italian educator Maria Montessori, who was a pioneer in education, on her 142nd birth anniversary. Since I wrote my doctoral thesis about educational philosophies and education is very dear to my heart, I find it rather interesting that I share my birthday with such a brilliant woman.

So, happy birthday to me, to my brand-new blog (even though I am still not done designing it), and to all the other birthday boys and girls in the world!

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